“I am going for a job interview and there is one question that terrifies me…”

Question: Keith is looking for a job in security. His previous position as a security guard was terminated when the company closed down about a year ago. Since then he has been actively looking for another job, but so far he has not been successful. He has an interview scheduled for this week, but he is afraid that the interviewer will ask why he has not been working for the past year. How should he handle this situation? Answer: There are three rules to addressing questions that could uncover potential weaknesses in your profile: 1. Be prepared. While you may pray that the interviewer does not ask the question, you need to prepare as if they will. This type of question needs to be carefully handled so it is essential to have a well-crafted answer. 2. Be direct. Human resource managers are trained to recognize when a candidate is being vague or evasive. Answer all questions directly and honestly. This demonstrates confidence and integrity- both of which are desirable traits in a potential employee. 3. Be positive. When answering the question, don’t sound defensive or apologetic. Tell the interviewer how the situation (or how you have handled the situation) would make you an even better employee. (Photo from: chrisroll / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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