“I have been sending out resumes for six months with no response. What am I doing wrong?”


Jessica is a college graduate looking for an office job. For the past three months, she has been applying to about twenty positions each week. So far, she has only received two phone interviews and no in-person interviews. What should Jessica do to get more interview calls?


Jessica needs to step back and re-evaluate. If she has consistently been submitting twenty applications a week for three months and has only received two call-backs, there is something holding her back. Here are five actions Jessica can take to get her job search on track:

1. Re-evaluate. Jessica should stop and consider what she thinks is holding her back. Does it seem like there are not many positions available for this particular job? Is the market flooded with job seekers? Is she lacking a particular skill that is important? Once she distinguishes the problem, she can get to work on the solution.

2. Have a professional review the resume. It can sometimes be the smallest flaws that make the difference in whether a resume is discarded or set aside for a second look. A professional may be able to identify problems with Jessica’s resume that she has missed.

3. Consider the job search strategy. How is Jessica looking for a job? Does most of her job search technique consist of her looking at online job ads and emailing her resume? If so, then she is constantly facing enormous competition. Jessica can use networking, cold calling, and other techniques to help her access the hidden job market. These methods require more effort and more courage, but they are also significantly more effective.

4. Follow-up on applications. Jessica should make an effort to talk to the manager in charge of hiring for the position to ask about the status of her application. If the position has been filled, Jessica can ask the manager what she should be doing differently. Following up on the application will bring the hiring manager’s attention to her resume. At the very least, it can give Jessica insight into why she has not been receiving interview calls.

5. Ask for information interviews. Jessica should connect with professionals in her field and ask them for information interviews. In addition to being great networking contacts, these professionals may be able to give her suggestions on steps that she can take to make her more marketable for an office position.

(Photo from: Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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