Be a Star at Any Job

In today’s economy, nobody’s job is secure.  However, if you can position yourself as a star employee, you will be the last person to be let go and the first person to be promoted.  Luckily, most employers value the same type of employee.  Follow these guidelines and you will be a star at any organization.

Be Positive:  Most employees who are fired are let go because of attitude problems.  Employers can train you on hard skills, but they can’t train away a bad attitude.  Managers will naturally value problem solvers more than complainers.

Be Dependable:  A dependable employee shows up everyday, on time, consistently produces high-quality work, and generally does what they say they will do.  There is such an absence of dependable employees, that if you are dependable, you will stand out.

Be Professional:  If you maintain a professional appearance and consistently behave professionally, employers will have a positive perception of your skills and abilities and will view you as someone who represents the organization well.

Be Trustworthy:  Employers want people who they can trust.  Come clean about your mistakes and don’t blame others or make excuses.  If you always conduct yourself with integrity, employers will know that they can trust you.


Be Unique:  Don’t be replacable.  The problem is that most of us can easily be replaced.  The only way that you can ensure that you are not replacable is by being unique.  The best way to be unique is by bringing some of yourself into the job.  Think of new ideas and try different ways of doing things.  Be curious and take advantage of learning opportunities.  Allow yourself to become the job and allow the job to become you.
Being a top employee is not complicated but it does require hard work.  The advantage to being a star employee is that your manager will want to keep you around and will do their best to make you happy.

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