Fill in the Blanks: When You Don’t Have All of the Job Requirements

You see an advertisement for your dream job, but your hopes are crushed when you read the requirements and find that you are missing something.  Good news!  It’s not over yet.  Here are some guidelines to consider when you are lacking in some of the job requirements.

1.  Be honest.  Don’t exaggerate your skills and experience.  Be up front and open about what you have to offer.

2.  Make the connection between your skills and experiences and the job requirements.  Employers may not be able to easily identify your transferable skills, so it is your job to connect the dots for them.  If you can’t make a connection between the job requirements and your skills and experience, then it is probably a good indication that you are not ready for the position at this point in time.  If this is your situation, focus your energy on obtaining the required skills so that you can apply for the position the next time around.

3.  Be prepared for the skeptics.  Whenever you try to reach a little higher, you will always encounter people who say that it is not possible.  Don’t take it personally.  Be confident and take the opportunity to show them that your unique background makes you a better match for the position than your competition.

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