10 Ways to Get Fired By Using Social Networking Sites

Social networking has changed our world.  It has allowed us to stay connected with our friends and family, and it has provided us with endless new networking opportunities.  However, publicly displaying so much information has its drawbacks.  As many people have discovered, there are countless ways to get into trouble at work by using social networking sites.  Here are 10 ways that social networking can get you fired.

1.  Bad mouth your employer, customers or colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, or any other site.  This will get you fired faster than you can hit “send”.

2.  Show photos of (or brag about) doing something illegal.  This could be anything from participating in a riot, to taking illegal drugs.

3.  Post confidential information about your employer, or your employer’s customers.  You are likely bound by a confidentiality agreement.  Even if you are not, you are definitely bound by common sense.

4.  Have multiple posts time-stamped for times when you were supposed to be working.  If this happens occasionally, most employers will overlook it.  However, if it becomes a habit, it will be a problem.

5.  Post photos of yourself that cause employers to have concerns about your lifestyle.  What you do in your time off is your business.  Keep it that way by keeping it private.

6.  Openly look for a new job.  Why would any employer continue to invest in an employee who is planning to leave?

7.  Come across as a jerk.  Okay, this won’t get you fired, but it certainly won’t endear you to your employer or to any possible future employers.

8.  Post an entry about all of the fun stuff that you did on the day that you called in sick.  Seriously- people do that.

9.  Allow your friends to expose you.  Carefully monitor what your friends write on your social networking sites.  It is a reflection on you and most people will believe what they read even if it is not true.

10.  Write racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful posts.  This behaviour will make employers happily get rid of you (even if you were joking).

Social networking opens up so many possibilities and in today’s world, it is essential that you stay connected.  However, it is equally important that you be smart about it.

(Written by Karen Bivand)


One thought on “10 Ways to Get Fired By Using Social Networking Sites

  1. Anonymous June 23, 2011 / 8:21 pm

    these are great points! sometimes it hard to control all these things on my facebook page, so I just change my name to a made-up name so potential employers can't search for me

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