How to Breath Life Back into Your Tired Old Job

You’ve been working at your job for a while, but you aren’t yet ready to move on.  However, the daily grind of your position is making you want to climb the walls.  What can you do to keep your motivation alive without changing jobs?  Here are some suggestions: 

  • Look for opportunities for promotion.  Is there any room for growth within your organization?  Try to identify some potential positions or departments that you can aspire to.  If you identify any positions, determine what steps you need to take in your current role to get there, and get busy.
  • Look for ways to strengthen your profile.  Even if there are no promotion or transfer opportunities in your organization, there still could be room for growth.  Are there any training sessions, or skills that you can develop that may help you strengthen your resume?  Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Set performance goals for yourself.  With any position, you can always improve your performance.  By setting performance goals and working hard to achieve them you will be motivating yourself, impressing your employer, and accumulating examples of achievements, which you can use in your next job search.
  • Look for networking opportunities.  Even if there are no other opportunities within the organization, you can always network.  Within the next few years, at least a few of your coworkers will be moving to other organizations where they may be a position that is perfect for you.  Talk to people, make friends and start building that network.
  • Talk to your manager.  If you are a good employee, your manager will make an effort to keep you. Your manager may be aware of other options for you.  By involving your manager in the process, you are letting them know that you are serious about developing your career, and you are making them an active participant in the process.

After a while, even the most interesting and fulfilling job can start to feel monotonous.  It is up to you to motivate yourself.  Turn that restless energy into a positive force that will improve your profile and open up doors for you.

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