How to Annoy Your Co-workers

Are there people at work who drive you crazy?  Are you afraid that your behaviour may be irritating others?  Here are some typical ways that people annoy their co-workers.  Read on to see if any of these behaviours sound familiar.

  • Flatter the boss.  As much as possible, you tell him that you love his jacket and that his ideas are genius.
  • Escalate everything to management.  They should know about every little conflict or mistake.  A great way to do this is by sending them a CC or a BCC on your emails to your co-workers.
  • Only talk to people when you need them.  Usually, you don’t have time to talk to your coworkers, but when you need them, you make the time. 
  • Leave your messes around the office.  There must be someone whose job it is to clean it up, right?
  • Don’t do anything outside of your job description.  You are busy enough with your job.  Let somebody else take on the extra responsibilities.
  • Talk to your coworkers when they are trying to work.  They can’t be working on anything that is more important than hearing about your weekend, can they?
  • Be five minutes late every day.  Nobody will notice, right? 
  • Always have a better story.  She got stuck in the rain?  Then you got stuck in a hurricane.
  • Make empty promises.  Tell them what they want to hear, and then do what you were going to do anyway.
  • Talk behind peoples’ backs.  They’ll never find out, will they?
  • Always be the victim.  Nobody else has a more difficult job, longer commute, more unreasonable coworkers, or a worse lunch than you do.  Make your complaints loud and proud.

If you think that you are guilty of any of this behaviour, then cut it out.  You are probably driving your co-workers crazy.  None of us are angels, and when we are working together, there will always be some days when we annoy each other.  However, most co-workers will forgive you for these small transgressions if you are a good team player.  Problems only arise if you consistently show a lack of consideration for those around you.

(Written by Karen Bivand)


One thought on “How to Annoy Your Co-workers

  1. Anonymous September 18, 2011 / 3:53 am

    Really love this article. It truly reflects the personality and bad behaviours with co-workers in the workplace.

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