Canada’s Top 100 Employers – How to Use this List in Your Job Search

The 2012 winners for Canada’s Top Employers were announced in October.  This contest determines which 100 employers offer the best workplaces for their employees.   Now that you have that list, it’s time to go online and start applying to those companies, right?  Wait just a minute.  There are many other ways that you can strategically use this list in your job search.

1.  Look at the industry.  If an organization is making the list of top employers, then there is a good chance that it is in a growing industry.  It is hard to be a top employer in a dying industry.  Take a look at other organizations in the industry to see if there are any potential opportunities.

2.  Identify opportunities.  There may be information within the Top Employers report that you can use to identify potential entry points for each organization.  It could be their plans for expansion, or even the name of a person to approach.   Usually, if an employer has made this list, there will be opportunities available.  However, now that they are on this list, they will be receiving more applications than ever.  This makes it even more important for you to distinguish yourself.

3.  Learn about the values of the organization.  By reviewing the information in the Top Employers report, you will get some insight into the values of the organization.  Are they focused on work/life balance, creativity, social awareness, or is there some other value or goal that drives the organization?  If you have an understanding of the organization’s values, you can present yourself (using your resume, cover letter and interview) as being a good fit.

4.  Use these employers as an example.   Look at what these organizations are doing that makes them stand out.  Do they provide training opportunities?  Do they offer flexibility?  Do they have a gym or daycare on site?  These are all a part of the total rewards package that you can look for in potential employers.

Like any other resource, the Canadian Top Employers Report can help the job seeker in many different ways.  You are only limited by your creativity.  Now get out the report and get to work!

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