Careers for Creative People

Would you consider yourself creative?  Are you afraid of settling into a mundane job and losing a part of yourself?  The good news is that if you make the effort to research and plan, you can find a job where your creativity will be not only be an asset, but a necessity.  Here are some jobs that will make use of your active imagination: 

Marketing:  Almost every organization has a marketing department.  There is a variety of tasks that you could be doing in marketing including: developing a marketing strategy, conducting research, creating presentations, making strategic connections, or negotiating with suppliers.  The nice thing about marketing is that while there are many entry-level positions available, there is also a lot of opportunity for growth.

Graphic design:  Graphic designers create logos, web sites, publications, packaging, and anything else that the employer needs to communicate its message.  Graphic design combines art with technology.  A graphic designer needs to be able to translate a concept into a final product, understand and communicate the organization’s brand, and have a strong working knowledge of relevant software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Teaching:  In order to engage their students, teachers need to be innovative and resourceful everyday.  Keep in mind that the teaching profession is not limited to high school or elementary school.  There are also private schools, language schools, after-school academies, courses offered at community organizations, online courses, and adult education.

Architecture:  Architects design buildings, plan and oversee construction, and make sure that the buildings meet all of the required codes.  Architecture is a regulated profession in Ontario, which means that you must have graduated from an architecture program and be licensed by the Ontario Association of Architects.

Event planning:  An event planner plans conferences, trade shows, meetings and other functions.  They envision the event and see it through to completion.  This includes preparing a budget, selecting a venue, working with vendors, setting an agenda, arranging speakers, preparing materials, promoting the event, managing all of the administration around the event, evaluating the event, and addressing problems as they arise.  Creativity is needed for all of the components of this job. 

Interior design:  Interior design focuses on the inside of a building including walls, doors, windows, lighting, space, floors, furniture, and the overall look and feel of the space.  The interior designer manages the whole project from helping the client define their vision to working with contractors to achieve it.

Communications:  Communications professionals create both online and print materials for stakeholders within and outside of the organization.  The communications department develops and evaluates communications strategies, and monitors the media and industry publications in order to keep current with emerging trends.  In addition to creating newsletters, online communication, brochures and press releases, the communications team also proofreads and edits written material for the organization.

While these jobs allow you to showcase your creativity, don’t forget that there are creative opportunities hidden within every job.  Use your imagination to identify these opportunities, take initiative and try something new.

(Written by Karen Bivand)


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