Should You Take a Temporary Job?

When looking for a job, most job seekers try to find a position that will offer them some stability.   However, while waiting for that dream job, a temporary opportunity may present itself.  What do you do?  Should you hold out until something permanent comes along?  Or should you take this temporary job and see where it leads?  Here are some points to consider while you are making your decision:

What would you be giving up by taking this job?  Do you already have a job that you would need to sacrifice in order to accept this temporary position?  If so, there is a chance that after the temporary position has finished, you could be left with no job.  If you are not currently employed, you would still be giving up a lot time that you would otherwise be using to job search.  If you take this temporary job. would you still have time to look for a permanent position?  Would you be able to take time off to attend interviews?  The job search process can be a little more challenging when you’re already working.

Is this a position with a key employer?  Is this a key employer in your industry?  Keep in mind that some employers (particularly more competitive employers) start all of their employees on a temporary or contract basis; it is difficult to get a permanent position as an external applicant.  It may be worth taking the chance of accepting a temporary position just for the opportunity to work for this employer.  Even if your temporary contract does end with that employer, it will be beneficial to have that experience on your resume.

What types of skills or experience would you be getting with this job?  Would this temporary position help you to expand your profile?  If so, then it may be beneficial for you to accept the position.

What type of networking connections could you make in this position?  The easiest way to make networking connections is by working in your field.  Would this position give you the opportunity to meet other people who work in your target industry?  If so then it may open up other opportunities for you.

Will this position help with an employment gap?  When was the last time you worked?  If it was more than a few months ago, then a temporary job can help minimize your employment gap.

Would this position be relieving financial stress?  Is money a concern for you?  A temporary job can give you enough money to pay the bills so that you can focus on getting a permanent position.

Could this temporary job turn into a permanent one?  If you’re a good employee, temporary positions often turn into permanent ones.  Is this a company that you would like to work for on a long term basis?  This could be your opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Can you live with this job?  How do you feel about accepting this job?  Is it something that you could live with, at least on a temporary basis?  There is no point in accepting a job that will make you miserable; no job is worth sacrificing your mental or physical health.

The decision of whether or not to accept a temporary position really depends on your individual circumstances; it may make sense for one person, but not for another.  It’s important that consider what you would gain and lose from each option, and always remember that you are the expert on what’s right for you.

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