What Are the Advantages of Doing an Apprenticeship?

Have you ever considered doing an apprenticeship?  The Employment Ontario program, Apprenticesearch.com defines apprenticeship as, “a workplace-based training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade.  Ninety percent of the apprenticeship is on-the-job under the supervision of skilled tradespeople and 10% occurs at a post secondary institution or other approved training organization.  The goal of apprenticeship is to achieve certification in a skilled trade.  Some examples of trades include plumber, electrician, construction millwright, roofer, sheet metal worker, gas technician, welder, chef, and auto body repairer.  While many job seekers don’t consider the trades in their job search, there are some great opportunities there.  Here are some benefits of doing an apprenticeship::

Job Security.  When you become certified in a skilled trade, you have more job security and your skills are in demand.  If you are certified as a plumber and you lose your job, you can always find a plumber job somewhere else, whereas if you are a maintenance worker, it may take you more time to find an equivalent position.  When you make the effort to attain that certification, it becomes more difficult to replace you.
Better pay.  Jobs in the trades pay well.  According to Statistics Canada, “employees in the trades earn an average hourly wage that is 6% higher than other occupations”.  http://bit.ly/yZmitc

Earn money while you are learning.  Doing an apprenticeship is essentially like getting paid to go to school.  You can ask questions, make mistakes, and gain new skills all while getting paid.

Get experience in the work environment right away.  So many people spend their time and money going to school and when they graduate they realize that they hate the job.  As an apprentice, you get experience on the job from day 1.  You can determine whether or not you like the work environment and this experience allows you to make educated decisions about your career path.

Access to mentors.  Starting a new career is difficult.  You always have questions and concerns, you’re afraid of making a mistake, and you wonder if you are taking the right path.  When you are an apprentice, you have access to many different people who have actually worked in your field.  The advantage of this is that you can benefit from the experience of others, and it can help you to make useful connections.

Depending on your interests, apprenticeship may be an excellent option for you.  If you want to learn more about apprenticeship, check this website for local and current information:  www.apprenticesearch.com

(Photo from:  Scott Chan/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


One thought on “What Are the Advantages of Doing an Apprenticeship?

  1. sigsoogca January 8, 2014 / 3:39 am

    Top level job searchers have a better chance of succeeding when there is a high degree of depth, insight and precision behind their search strategy. In today's very tight market you'll need a depth of knowledge about yourself, your situation and your potential.

    Career Coach

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