Where Are All the Jobs?

Have you ever heard of the “Skills Mismatch”?  According to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, “there will be 550,000 unskilled workers who won’t be able to find work by 2016. By 2021, it says, the number could be well over a million. At the same time, it’s estimated there will be 1.5 million skilled job vacancies in 2016, and 2.6 million by 2021.”  So how can you make sure that you are not one of the unemployed?  The answer is simple; position yourself to be an excellent candidate for a job that will have lots of positions available.  Here are the jobs that are anticipated to have the most demand:

1.  Supervisors in logging and forestry
2.  Secretaries, recorders and transcriptionists
3.  Supervisors in mining, oil and gas
4.  Technical jobs in libraries, archives, museums and galleries
5.  Logging machinery operators
6.  Administrative support clerks
7.  Positions in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture
8.  Managers in protective services (e.g., police, fire, armed forces)
9.  Mine service workers and operators in oil and gas drilling
10. Insurance and real estate sales workers and buyers
11.College and other vocational instructors
12. Transportation officers (e.g., pilots, air and marine traffic controllers)
13. Administrative and regulatory occupations (e.g., court officers)
14. Service station attendants, grocery clerks and shelf stockers
15. Cleaners

The jobs below are expected to have too many workers over the next ten years:

1.  Managers in art, culture, recreation and sport
2.  Security guards
3.  Athletes and coaches
4.  Fishing vessel skippers
5.  Cashiers
6.  Computer and information system professionals
7.  Chefs and cooks
8.  Pulp and paper machine operators
9.  Physicists and astronomers

While the labour market should not be your only consideration when determining which jobs to target, no job seeker can afford to ignore it.  The best approach is to find a position that is in demand, but is also a good match for your skills and interests.  Good luck!

(Source:  http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/2013/03/19/the-future-of-jobs-in-canada)


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