When Your Workplace is Dominated By Cliques

Workplace cliques are everywhere, but some workplaces are worse than others.  It can make you feel like an outsider at your own organization.  In some cases, it can even impact your job performance.  The good news is that there are strategies that you can use to navigate your way through your organization’s office politics.

Remember who you work for.  Workplace cliques often appear significantly more powerful than they actually are.  While it may initially seem that they are in charge, it is very likely that they aren’t.  As an employee, the most important person that you need to keep happy is your direct supervisor.  Don’t compromise your relationship with your manager in order to please your coworkers. 

Be respectful and professional to everyone.  Whether or not they belong to a clique, treat everyone with the same level of courtesy and respect.

Focus on your job.  You are being paid to do a job, not to play the politics game.  If you concentrate on your work, you will not have much time for anything else.

Retain your individuality and integrity.  Be your own person, and make your own decisions.  Don’t let the group speak for you.  Keep enough distance from the group that you stay true to yourself.

Find mutual gains where possible.  Whenever you can do something that will benefit yourself and your coworkers, take that opportunity.  It will help you to make connections with the other employees, and they will likely return the favour.

Try not to engage in the politics.  Office politics can be a nasty business, and there are usually no winners.  Whenever possible- stay out of it!  It can cause you problems, and it rarely brings any benefits.  If instead, you spend your time working hard to accomplish your workplace goals, your employer will thank you for it.

(Written By: Karen Bivand, Photo From: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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