5 Things that You Must Do on the Morning of Your Interview

It’s the day of your interview.  You’re nervous, but you know that you are a good candidate for the job.  What can you do to make sure that your performance is as strong as it can possibly be?  Follow these steps and you will set yourself up for success:

1.  Do a quick review of your resume and the job description.  Even a five minute glance over can help.  By putting the job requirements and your experience into your short term memory, you make it easier for yourself to recall the pertinent information at the interview.

2.  Give yourself a pep talk or call one of your cheerleaders.  To perform well at an interview, you need to feel good.  Positive self talk or encouraging words from a friend or family member can put you in the right frame of mind.

3.  Make yourself look good.  Have a shower, iron your shirt, clean and polish your shoes- do whatever you need to do to look your best.  Keep in mind that the employer will be judging you on your appearance and on the way that you present yourself.  Also, when you look good, you feel good, which will make you perform better.

4.  Take some quiet time to reflect.  Before your interview, schedule a quiet moment when you can relax and be alone.  Having some peaceful time to collect your thoughts beforehand can help you appear more confident and composed when you walk into the interview.

5.  Give yourself lots of time to get there.  You don’t want to be rushing to get to your interview.  If you give yourself plenty of time to get there, you won’t need to worry about traffic and you will be able to take a quick look in the mirror before you enter the office.

You never really know how an interview is going to go until you are actually in the room, but if you take some extra time to prepare yourself, you can rest assured knowing that you did everything in your power to perform well.

(Written by Karen Bivand)


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