The Importance of the Lunch Break

It’s lunchtime!  What are you going to do?  Before you bring last night’s spaghetti back to your cubicle, consider the importance of spending time in the lunchroom.

It allows you to make connections.  When you are sitting in the lunchroom, your guard is down and you have conversations that are unrelated to work.  Through these conversations, you can truly connect with your coworkers.

You express your frustrations.  When you eat lunch with your colleagues, you have the opportunity to tell them about a challenging customer, or a frustrating situation.  This allows you to release that stress instead of carrying it with you all day. 

Information is shared in the lunchroom.  The lunchroom is a good place to be if you want to be “in the know” and involved in the decision making process.

It shows that you are a part of the team.  The managers are aware of who eats in the lunchroom.  When you spend time engaging with your coworkers, it shows interest in the organization.

You need a break.  It’s easy to overload yourself by staying in front of your computer and continuing with your work.  Take some time to relax, so that you are rested and ready for whatever challenges the afternoon will bring.

When you consider that a researcher in the UK found that computer keyboards harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat, the answer is simple- leave your cubicle and eat in the lunchroom!

(Written by:  Karen Bivand)

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