When You Didn’t Get the Job

You aced the interview, you sent the thank you note and…nothing.  The offer never came.  You didn’t get the job.  After that emotional roller-coaster ride, (which ended in disappointment) how can you possibly find the motivation to try again?

Here are some tips to help you get back on track.

Ask for feedback.  It is always a good idea to follow up with the employer.  Perhaps they have put off making a decision on the position.  If you weren’t selected, they may be willing to tell you why they chose another candidate.  Be open minded and appreciative, as this information is incredibly valuable to you.

Build yourself up again.  Acknowledge your frustration, and let yourself grieve.  This process is difficult for everyone.  Give yourself time to recover. 

Analyze the situation and take corrective action if needed.  Why do you think that you didn’t get the job?  Were you qualified for the role?  Did the employer communicate any concerns to you?  Do you need to get more training?  Would it help to have someone work with you on your interview skills?

Remember that it is all a part of the process.  You usually have to go through a few rejections before you actually get a job offer.  Sometimes even when you do everything perfectly, they still find a candidate who is a better fit for the position.  Hang in there- your turn will come.

The final step is to move on.  Where are you going to apply next?  Remember, the easiest way to get over rejection is by getting another job offer.

(Written by:  Karen Bivand)

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