How to Start Your Own Blog

You’ve decided to create your own blog.  You recognize the importance of having an online profile, you see the opportunities that exist in social networking, and you’re ready to begin blogging.  How do you get started?  Follow these steps and you’ll be launching your blog in no time!

Choose a topic.  This is the most important decision that you will make about your blog.  The best blog topics are current and of interest to people in the field.  The topic must be large enough so that you don’t run out of ideas, but small enough to allow you to focus.  Blogs that are too general rarely have many followers.  Also, choose a topic that you know well so that your blog is a positive reflection of your expertise and your professionalism.

Choose a platform.  There are many free blogging platforms to choose from, such as Blogger or WordPress.  Each platform will have its own advantages and disadvantages.  For example, Blogger is easy to use, but is limited in its capabilities; whereas WordPress is difficult to master, but you can do more with it.  It is important that you do your own research and choose a platform that suits your needs and your level of comfort. 

Look at what’s out there.  Read other blogs to see what people are talking about.  This will help you keep up to date on emerging trends.  Also, by looking at other blogs, you can get ideas for your own blog.

Create your site.  Design your blog so that it is consistent with both your topic and your personal brand.  For example, if you are blogging about event planning, you may choose a more vibrant design than if you were blogging about accounting standards.

Start writing.  Once you have designed your blog, it’s time to start writing.  Be consistent with your posts so that your readers are not disappointed when they visit your site.  Most bloggers post new content at least once or twice a week.

Engage and interact.  Now that you’ve joined the blogosphere, it is your responsibility to read and comment on other blogs.  This interaction will help create relationships and it will drive traffic to your blog.  Remember that it’s an online community- so make friends and play nice!

(Written by:  Karen Bivand, Photo From: photostock /

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