Are You Applying for the Wrong Jobs?

Have you been out of work for a while?  Are you starting to feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels?  It may be time to consider the possibility that you’ve been applying to the wrong jobs.  If you are focusing your efforts on positions that are highly competitive or that you are not qualified for, you could be out of work for a long time.  Here are some clues that may indicate that you are on the wrong track:

You don’t have the minimum requirements that are listed in the job description.  The job description will provide a list of the requirements for the role.  How many of these requirements do you actually possess?  Some job seekers will apply for positions although they only satisfy one or two of the requirements.  You may be able to get away with missing a minor requirements, but if you are truly not qualified for the job, you are probably wasting everybody’s time.

You aren’t getting any call backs.  How many interviews have you been invited to attend?  Statistically, after applying to 50 positions, you should be invited to two or three interviews.  If you’ve applied to more and still haven’t gotten an interview, it could be an indication that you’re selecting the wrong types of jobs.

You see very few similar jobs advertised.  Have you found that there are not many jobs that match your skills and interests?  Are you only applying to three jobs a week because there just isn’t anything else out there?  When you’re casting such a small net, the chances of you being successful are unlikely.  It may be time to change your focus.

You have a feeling that the job is out of your league.  For whatever reason, you feel like you know deep down that this position is a bit of a stretch for you.  Perhaps it would be a significant step up, or maybe it is a job with a high profile organization.  In this tight job market, if you think that the position may be out of your league, it probably is.

You don’t know anything about the industry.  This job is unlike anything that you’ve ever done in the past, but you feel like you can handle it.  You don’t know anything about the industry, but you’re a quick learner!  If you are completely uninformed about the position and the industry, then the chances that you will actually get a job offer are slim.  It is possible to change industries or to make a move in your career, but to do that successfully, you need to do your research.

Sometimes the only thing that is stopping you from getting a job is that you’re not applying to the right ones.  If you think that you may be falling into that trap, then change your approach immediately.  You may be surprised at how quickly your luck turns around.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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