How to Turn a Contract into a Full-Time Job

You’ve got a contract position, but you would like nothing more than to turn it into a full time job.  How do you do it?  How can you persuade your employer that they can’t live without you?  Follow these tips and a full time offer may be just around the corner!

1.  Build relationships.  The relationships that you form with your coworkers and your manager could be your key to full-time employment.  Your manager is more likely to keep you if they see that you have built strong relationships with the other staff members.  Also, other staff members may be willing to recommend you for internal positions as they become available.  Support your coworkers and talk to people in the lunch room; do whatever you can to show that you are a strong member of the team.

2.  Exceed expectations with performance.  When you are trying to get a full time position, just doing your job is not enough; you need to go beyond what anybody is expecting from you.  Volunteer for the tasks that nobody else wants, hand in your work before the deadline, and exceed any targets that are set for you.  If you can show that you are a top performer and you do it with a smile, they will want to keep you around if they can.

3.  Have a positive attitude.  Your attitude can make a huge difference in whether or not the employer wants to give you a full time position.  Most of the problems that managers have with their employees can be boiled down to a bad attitude.  If you are a hard worker, easy to get along with, and you don’t complain, the employer will be more likely to make your position permanent.

4.  Express an interest in staying with the organization.  You may not be offered a full time position at the organization simply because the manager doesn’t think that you are interested in one.  If you make your manager aware of your career goals, they may make an effort to find a job for you.

5.  Keep your options open.  When you are working in a contract position, the reality is that there are no guarantees.  Even if the manager wants to keep you, there may not be any full-time jobs available.  For this reason, you need to continue with your job search.  If you are offered another job, it could even serve as a motivation for your manager to make your job permanent.

The job search can feel like a never ending process.  Even after you start getting offers, it is easy to get stuck in a series of short-term contracts.  Hang in there; if you’re getting contracts then it means that you are doing all the right things.  Be strategic, perform well and before long, you’ll be offered a full-time job.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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