How to Find a Job Using a Mobile Device

In today’s competitive job market, doors open and close in a flash.  If you don’t jump on an opportunity immediately, you may be too late.  The good news is that your mobile device can allow you to conduct your job search anywhere and at any time.  Here are some ways that you can use your mobile device as an effective tool in your job search.


Receive job alerts.  When you receive job alerts on your mobile device, you can immediately contact the employer or apply for the position.  When employers are looking to fill a position quickly, they may invite qualified applicants in for an interview as soon as they receive their resume.

Social networking.  Social networking sites are built for mobile devices.  You can work on your profiles, participate in discussions, connect with people, and search for jobs, just as you would on your home computer.  Since social networking is an activity that you can do in short spurts, it is an ideal task for when you have nothing to do, such as when you are waiting at a bus stop or at the dentist office.

Find local employers.  A mobile device can be an asset when you are canvassing a particular area to find potential employers.  You can use a directory, such as the Scott’s Directory (usually accessible through the library website) and identify potential employers in the area.  You can then visit the employer and talk to the manager or drop off your resume.  While this method of job searching is increasingly less common, it can be effective to make that personal connection.

Research companies.  Industry and company research is also a good activity for when you have some dead time.  For example, you can use that hour that you spend on the bus to review a company website or read an industry publication.  This type of research can help you to identify potential job opportunities and to impress employers.

Find mobile job search apps.  There are a variety of job search apps designed to fit any mobile device.  Also, traditional job search websites, such as Workopolis and Indeed, have specific sites dedicated to mobile job search.  Do some research to determine which ones will best fit your needs.

Mobile job searching allows you to search anywhere and at any time.  Being able to immediately respond to job alerts means that you can make sure that you are one of the first applicants for the job.  However, when using a mobile device, there is sometimes a temptation to be less formal or to forgo proofreading.  Remember, the same rules still apply; everything that you submit to an employer must be well written and error free.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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