How to Work With a Job Developer

Is a job developer helping you with your job search?  Are you wondering what you can do to improve your chances of success?  Here are some tips that will help you further your career goals, and will make any job developer happy to work with you:

Respond to their calls promptly.  Most employers are in a hurry to hire and want to see potential candidates immediately.  If a job developer asks you to send in your resume, make it your top priority; the opportunity may not be there tomorrow.

Be honest and up front.  Most job developers will present you with a variety of options.  Some will be appealing to you, while others will not.  Be direct with the job developer.  Don’t tell them that you are interested in a position if you know that you would never accept it.  The job developer would rather know now, than have you accept the job only to quit after a few days.  Also, never ever misrepresent your skills or experience to a job developer. After they discover the deception, they will never work with you again.

Follow up.  When you are working with a job developer, it’s a good idea to follow up with them about once a week.  This shows your enthusiasm and keeps you on their radar.  However, don’t badger your job developer with daily phone calls.  Be patient, and give them time to do their work.

Be prepared.  Before you seek assistance from a job developer, be sure to do your homework.  Do your labour market research and be clear on your goals.  It is also a good idea to have a resume and cover letter ready to go.

Be flexible and open-minded.  It is essential that you listen to your job developer and that you keep an open mind. .  If you find that there is not much demand for your target position in the labour market, your job developer may be aware of some possible alternatives.  If you are willing to be flexible, you will get a job more quickly.  Sometimes a small tweak in your approach can make a big difference.

Represent your job developer well.  When your job developer sends you to meet an employer, your performance reflects on them.  If you behave unprofessionally, the employer may not be willing to meet any other candidates from that job developer.  Your job developer selected you because they felt that you would represent them well.  Don’t disappoint them.

Continue with your own job search.  When you sign up to work with a job developer, that doesn’t mean that you should stop your own job search efforts.  While the job developer can be a good source of job leads, you need to continue working hard to research companies, find opportunities, and contact employers.  To find a job within a reasonable amount of time, you need to work hard and make use of every resource available to you.

Always be polite and respectful.  Your job developer is there to help you, but remember that they don’t owe you anything.  If the job developer perceives that you are being rude or demanding, it is unlikely that they will send you to any of their employers.  Don’t forget that you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.

 (Written by: Karen Bivand)


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