Signs that you Might Be Losing Your Job

You can lose your job for a variety of reasons: performance issues, personality conflicts, organizational restructuring, or environmental shifts.  For many people, job loss comes as a complete surprise, and they are not prepared to deal with it.  If you knew ahead of time that you were about to lose your job, you could take some steps to make it a little easier for you to bounce back.  Take a look at the signs below to see if it might be time for you to start updating your resume:

Problems in your department.  Have significant mistakes been made within your department?  Has your department failed to meet important targets?  If so, then everyone in the department is vulnerable.

Discussions about your performance.  Has your manager approached you to discuss your performance?  Are you the only employee who was given specific guidelines to follow, or short-term targets to achieve?  If so, then your manager may be laying the groundwork for letting you go.

Your responsibilities are decreasing.  Has your manager been decreasing your level of responsibility?  Have your duties been so eroded that you barely have anything left to do?  This may be a deliberate effort to make your position obsolete.

Everything is suddenly being documented.  Do you feel like you’re being asked to sign paperwork every time you meet with your manager or with human resources?  They might be trying to build a case to let you go.

Changes in the environment.  Have you been hearing a lot of talk in the news about downsizing in your industry?  It can be easy to predict job cuts when you pay attention to the labour market conditions.

Rumours.  Listen to the whispers.  While the office rumour mill isn’t always reliable, sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Other people have been let go.  Have there been recent terminations in your organization?  If there are systematic problems, management may decide to terminate a number of people and start fresh.  Or, the manager may need to decrease the amount of money being spent on salaries.  If other people are being terminated, keep your eyes open and be ready.

You have a lot of enemies.  Are there are a lot of people in your organization who would be happy to see you go?  When you have too many enemies within the organization, or even just one powerful one, your excellent performance may not be able to save you.   

People are avoiding you.  Did you used to have lots of friends at work, but increasingly, find yourself alone?  Have you also noticed that you are no longer privy to inside information?  Being cut out of the loop is not a good sign for your future at the organization.

You have a hunch.  Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why, but you have the distinct feeling that the end is near.  Even though it may seem like you’re being paranoid, you should never ignore your intuition.  Our subconscious mind is able to make connections that we are otherwise unable to detect.

Even if you are vigilantly watching out for the signs, you can still be blindsided.  Unforeseen circumstances may lead to your job being eliminated without warning.  For this reason, you should never be too attached to a particular position or organization, and you should always be prepared to look for another job.  If you keep your eyes open for possible job leads, keep your resume up to date, and maintain your network, you will be ready to jump right into the job search whenever it is necessary.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo From: Image:


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