When You Don’t Feel Confident on the Day of the Interview

You wake up the morning of your big interview and you feel…unprepared.  You’re not ready to conquer the world; you’re just hoping to make it through the day.  How do you build yourself up so that you can walk into your interview and dazzle them?  Here are some tips that may help:

Review the job description and compare it to your own experience.   Practice telling the employer how your training and experience has prepared you for each component of the position.

Identify your special skills, experiences, and personality traits.  What makes you stand out as an applicant?  How will you show the employer that you are uniquely qualified for the position?

Make sure that you are dressed professionally.  Take some extra time with your appearance; it is easier to be confident when you know that you look good.

Remember that your resume was handpicked.  It should give you a surge of confidence to know that you were selected from (likely) hundreds of other applicants.  There was something about your resume that made the employer want to spend their valuable time meeting you.  Even though you may feel that you’re unqualified for the position, the employer does not agree.

Just do your best.  Your only job at an interview is to show up, and to give them an accurate presentation of your skills, experience, and personality (as they relate to the position).  You can’t control whether or not they decide to hire you.  Just do your best, and leave the rest to them.

Fake it.  If you still don’t feel confident, just fake it; they won’t be able to tell the difference.

For a job seeker, an interview can be an intense experience; if it goes well, you may get your dream job, and if it goes poorly, you could be unemployed for a few more months.  Try not to let the pressure get to you.  Do your best and hope that it goes well, but if it doesn’t, then try to learn from the experience.  There will always be another opportunity to do better.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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