How to Show that You Have Passion for Your Work

No manager is interested in an employee who is just punching the clock.  This type of employee does as little as possible, and doesn’t contribute much to the organization.  Employers want to see employees who care about their work beyond the paycheck.  They look for employees who will grow with the position, and will truly put their heart and soul into the role.  Here are some ways that you can show your employer (or a potential employer) that you have passion for your work:

Get excited:  True enthusiasm is easy to spot and it’s contagious.  Many people treat their job like it’s a chore.  If you show that you enjoy your work, and that you’re excited by it, you will stand out.

Don’t be a ‘nine to fiver’:  We all have so much going on in our lives, that it’s easy to turn into a clock watcher.  You rush through the doors at nine and are packed and ready to go by five.  While this technically fulfills your obligation to your employer, it doesn’t show commitment.  You don’t need to be coming in on weekends, or staying until the wee hours of the morning, but if you are willing to you stay a little later or come in a bit earlier when an important task needs to be done, you will show that you are dedicated to your work.

Take initiative: If something needs to be done, just do it.  Don’t wait to be told.  When you take chances and try new things in your work, you expand your position and show that you are thinking beyond your job description.

Expand your skills:  There is always room to grow and develop yourself.  Find an area that you would like to improve upon, and take a course or attend a workshop.  By making an effort to expand your skills, you will demonstrate that you are a dedicated professional.

Set goals for yourself:  It is much easier to focus your energy when you have established goals.  These goals should encompass your current job and your career as a whole.  Your goals will will help to motivate you, and will help you find direction in your work.

It is always better to show the employer that you have passion than it is to tell them about it.  If you are talking about it at an interview, you can provide examples of how you demonstrated passion in your work.  Enthusiastic employees are valuable because they put their hearts into their job and they inspire their coworkers.  Make sure that your enthusiasm shines through, both at the interview and while you are on the job.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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