How to Make Yourself a More Valuable Employee

When hiring a new employee, managers look for the whole package.  Of course they are primarily interested in your skills, but when candidates are equally qualified, it is that ‘little bit extra’ that will make the difference between getting a job offer, and getting a rejection letter.  Here are some ways to make yourself more valuable to a current or potential employer:

Build a strong network.  Employers are interested in the value that you bring to the organization.  If you have a vibrant network that will be useful to the employer, it will be an added incentive to hire you.

Keep up with what is happening in your industry.  Employees who know what is happening in the environment are valuable.  They are able to identify opportunities and threats early on.

Update your computer skills.  Computer skills always come in handy, and if your computer skills are stronger than your coworkers’ or your competition, you will stand out.

Maintain a good attitude.  Attitude is everything.  Employers will overlook some weaknesses in your hard skills if you have a good attitude.  Strive to be positive, hardworking, pleasant, and to always be a problem solver, and not a problem creator.   

Work well with others.  Nothing annoys managers more than interpersonal conflicts.  If you are involved in a lot of conflicts with your coworkers, your manager may take the first opportunity to get rid of you.  Remember that it’s a small world, and that today’s conflicts may come back to haunt you tomorrow.  Employees who are cooperative and respectful to their colleagues receive that same level of courtesy in return.

Continue learning and expanding your skills.  To remain competitive in today’s work environment, you need to be constantly upgrading your skills.  With technology always changing and new trends popping up everyday, it takes a concerted effort just to stay up to date.  Read industry publications, attend networking events, and get plugged into social media to keep current on what is happening in your field.

While it used to be enough just to do your job well, in today’s competitive job market, employees and job seekers need to go the extra mile if they want to make an impression.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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