Interview Advice Straight From Employers

One benefit of Linked In is that you can ask questions and get answers directly from employers.  This gives you an inside look into how employers are judging you.

One member asked, “What is the number one thing you think job seekers need to do brilliantly during the interview?”

Here were some of the responses:

  • “Build a personal rapport or connection on a personal, professional, or other level with the interviewer.  This can be common values, news, working style, work interests, etc.” -Process Engineer-
  • “Remember that it’s not all about you.  It is about what the organization needs you to do.  Frame your responses and questions by connecting them to the organization and occupcational job requirements.”  -Director-
  • “Demonstrate a sincere curiosity about the position you are applying to.”               -Technical Manager-
  • “Interviewees should listen to all questions intently.  Interviewees should assume each question to be serious, and give them serious consideration.  And of course, interviewees should answer the question completely.”                         -Human Resources Manager-
  • “Bring good questions.  Be sure to have a few to demonstrate that you have done deep research on the company, maybe even on the management or interviewers.  Have some that demonstrate some acuman or at least interest well above the job level.  All of this shows interest, knowledge, preparedness and thoroughness.”  -Engineer-
  • “Quite simply, they need to sell themselves.  They need to show why they are the best person for that job- why the interviewer should choose them instead of any of the other candidates.  -Manager-
  • “Minimize risk for the employer…before going to the interview, ask, ‘Why wouldn’t the employer hire me for this position?’ and prepare.  The key is to minimize the risk of the employer hiring them, so taking a proactive approach and anticipating the hidden objections is key.”  -Senior Fellow-

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo From: renjith krishnan /


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