Making Online Job Sites Work for You

You have been using the online job sites, but have you really been making the most of this resource?  Most job sites have functions that go well beyond search and apply.  Let’s take Workopolis as an example and examine the different ways that it can be used in your job search.

1.  Employer Spotlight– This section provides extensive information about the employers.  You can view all the positions available at the company, and some organizations even provide information about the hierarchy of authority, and workplace culture.  This information can help you to identify potential positions, and also to target your message with your resume, cover letter and interview.

2. Keyword Search-  The keyword search allows you to search for a job using one or more keywords.  By using this function effectively, you are able to significantly expand your search.  For example- a person who works in customer service could also be called a cashier, CSR, clerk, sales assistant, account representative, etc.  If you don’t use the same language as the job advertisement in your search, you risk missing out on many of these jobs.  Make an exhaustive list of keywords for your target position, and regularly use them in the advanced search function.

3.  Company Websites-  Many companies don’t bother posting their positions on job sites because they regularly receive a multitude of applications.  When positions become available at these companies, they post them on the company website.  The links to the company websites are all available on Workopolis.  Select any company that you are interested in working with and add their website to your “Favorites”.  As part of your job search routine, check all of the web sites for any new positions available.

4.  Older Job Ads- Positions often become available again about three months after they are filled.  If a new hire didn’t work out, the employer may not be eager to put out another job advertisement.  For this reason, you may get lucky sending in applications for older job advertisements.  Your resume naturally stands out because it is not arriving with the bunch that the employer received a few months ago.  If you are a good fit for the position, the employer may invite you in for an interview in the hopes of avoiding the necessity of going through the whole recruitment process again.

5.  Career Alerts–  Let the jobs come to you.  Workopolis allows you to set up career alerts that notify you whenever there is a position available that matches your skills, and objective.  You can also set it up to notify you whenever a particular company is hiring.  Timing is key when trying to get the employers’ attention, and the career alerts can help you be one of the first to apply.

6.  Browse Jobs- This section allows you to browse jobs by category or by city.  With browsing by category, you select a category (such as- administrative), and you view all of the available positions within that category.  This feature can help you identify possible positions that you may not have considered.  When browsing by city, you are able to see all available positions within a particular city.  This feature gives you a real-time view of which positions are in demand within your own city.

7.   Salary Calculator–  Workopolis also has a salary calculator that can let you know what type of salary you should be expecting based your position, years of experience, and region.  It is important that you are aware of the market value of your skills.

While you should not limit your job search to online sites, when you do use them, make sure that you take advantage of everything that they have to offer.

 (Written by:  Karen Bivand)


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