Saying Thank You

Your mother always taught you to say thank you, but this was never more crucial as it is when you are job hunting.  While it is often forgotten, sending an effective thank you note can be just as important as a strong resume, and a good interview.


Employers expect a thank you note after an interview- some even wait for it.   Sending a thank you note demonstrates professionalism, and it also gives you an additional opportunity to bring your interview to the top of their mind.  Even if this particular position doesn’t work out, if you leave the employer with a positive perception of you, it could open up doors in the future.

Here are some suggestions to consider when writing a thank you note:

1.  Don’t delay.  Send the thank you note within 24 hours of the interview.

2.  The thank you note can be sent in the form of an e-mail, or a hand-delivered card or letter.  If you are hand-delivering your thank you note, leave it with the receptionist.  Don’t insist on delivering it personally.

3.  During the interview, try to get the business card of the interviewer. This way you can direct the thank you note to the employer by name.  If there is more than one interviewer, try to get all of their cards, but don’t be pushy.  If you only get one card, you can ask that person to convey your thanks to the others.

4.  Keep the thank you note brief.  Thank them for taking the time to meet with you and for telling you about the company and the position.

5.  Express your enthusiasm for the position, and the organization.  It is especially impressive if you incorporate something that was discussed in the interview, such as the organizational culture, or an area that the organization is planning to expand upon.

6.  Don’t try to sell yourself too much.  Remember- this note is about saying thank you, it is not time for a hard-sell.

Many job seekers have had the experience of only being called for a second interview soon after sending a thank you note.  This could be a coincidence, but do you want to take that chance?

(Written by:  Karen Bivand, Photo From: Arvind Balaraman /


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