Jobs for Drivers

Do you feel like you have no marketable skills?  Are you a good driver?  While you may think that driving is something that anyone can do, it isn’t.  If you drive safely and you enjoy it then it may be something that you can turn into a career.  Here are some career options for drivers (descriptions from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada):

Long haul truck driver.  These drivers operate heavy trucks to transport goods and materials throughout cities, provinces and even international routes.  To be a long haul truck driver, you may require a class A or D license, an Air Brake endorsement (Z) and a Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification.

Delivery and Courier Service Drivers.  These drivers drive automobiles, vans, and light trucks to pick up and deliver various products.  Some examples of job titles include delivery driver, courier service driver, pizza delivery driver, and newspaper delivery driver.  These positions require a license that is appropriate to the type of vehicle being driven, and one year of safe driving experience.

Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators.  These drivers use vehicles and equipment to maintain streets, highways and sewer systems and operate garbage trucks to remove garbage and refuse.  Some examples of job titles include garbage truck driver, salt truck operator, sanitation truck driver, snow removal equipment operator, and street sweeper operator.  These positions require a license that is appropriate to the type of vehicle being driven.

Bus Drivers, Subway Operators and Other Transit Operators.  These workers drive buses, subway trains, and light rail transit vehicles to transport passengers on established routes.  Bus drivers can be employed by the city, school boards or transportation companies.  Streetcar and subway operators are employed by the city.  These positions include city bus drivers, school bus drivers, charter bus drivers, tour bus drivers, as well as streetcar and subway train operators.  Bus drivers require a class B, C, E, or F drivers license. and possibly an air brakes endorsement and First Aid/CPR Certificate.

Driving is a life skill, but it is not something that everyone enjoys.  If you’re a good driver and you like it, then why not turn it into a job skill?  Get the training and the license that you need and you may find that you’re able to drive your way into a job!

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Rawich/



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