Making an Impression at a Group Interview

So they invited you for a group interview.  You might be wondering- Why would the employer hold group interviews?  What are they looking for?  How can you make an impression at a group interview?

 The most common reason to hold a group interview is to save time and money.  Group interviews allow employers to screen many candidates at a time and it gives them the opportunity to complete the application screening, and in-person screening all at once.  Another reason that employers could choose to hold group interviews is that they may want to evaluate your teamwork and leadership skills.  Group interviews allow them to see how you interact with your peers.

In many ways, group interviews are similar to individual interviews, but since your competition is sitting directly beside you, you need to perform even better.

At group interviews, pay special attention to:

1.  Your appearance

Since employers will have a limited opportunity to speak with you, your appearance must be impeccable.  Their assessment of you will largely be based on how you look.

2.  Preparation 

Be very prepared.  Bring everything that you need, be organized, and do your research.  Make sure that you impress the employer at every opportunity.

 3.  Confidence

Don’t be intimidated by the other candidates.  The employer invited you to the interview because they were impressed with your experience.  If you carry yourself with confidence, employers will perceive you as capable before you even start talking.

4.  Playing nice

Be respectful and professional to the other candidates.  If the employer is holding group interviews, they are likely looking to hire more than one employee.  Treat the other candidates like they are your future colleagues.  They might well be.

Always remember that your goal at the group interview is to get invited to an individual interview.  You will rarely get offered a job from a group interview, but if you don’t perform well, you could be screened out.

(Written by:  Karen Bivand,  Photo by: Ambro/Free


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