Making Today’s Job Numbers Work for You

Last week, it was announced that the unemployment rate is back to pre-recession levels.  In April, 58,300 new jobs were created.  This is great news, but how can you (the savvy job seeker) make this employment report work for you?

1.  Consider several part-time positions.  Most of the new jobs in April were part-time.  You may consider piecing together two part-time psotions rather than holding out for one full-time job.

2.  Look into the service sector.  The majority of the new positions were in the service sector (in particular- finance, insurance, and real estate).  Take a close look at these industries and see if they have any positions that would fit with your skills and experience.

3.  Look in Ontario.  Over the past few years, different provinces have been hotspots for jobs.  Now it’s Ontario’s turn.  Most of the new postions were located in Ontario.

4.  Take heart.  The tide is finally turning and opportunities are opening up.  If you have been reluctant to jump into the job market because of the recession, get ready.  The storm is over.  It’s time to get out there and grab that job.

When looking for a job, keep your eyes open.  By paying attention to the employment numbers, you can be sure that your job search strategy makes sense within the current labour market conditions.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Source:  The Toronto Star, May 7, 2011,  Photo From:  worradmu /


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