What Jobs are Available RIGHT NOW?

‘Labour Market Information’ sounds like a vague concept that has little to do with your job search. However, if you don’t pay attention to labour market information, you could find yourself competing with a lot of people for a very limited number of jobs. If you understand the labour market, you are able to target jobs with more positions available and less competitors. Learning about labour market information can be a little overwhelming at first, so it is good to start simple.

Here is a list of the top 11 jobs in Canada in 2011 based on salary increases and skills shortages. This list comes from survey results released by Robert Half. (From http://www.workingincanada.gc.ca/)

1. ERP Business Analyst ($80,000 – $105,000)

Looks at how the business functions down to supply chain, purchasing, customer service, staffing, etc. and implements and fine tunes the Enterprise Resource Planning System in order to reduce timelines and maximize profits.

2. IT Auditor ($74.5,000 – $97,000)

Audits and reviews information systems for compliance with regulations.

3. Lead Application Developer ($78,750 – $109,000)

Manages development of the company’s computer applications.

4. Performance Analyst ($56,250 – $86,750)

Analyzes organizational performance and provides subject matter expertise. Also responsible for quality control evaluations and establishing corrective actions.

5. Controller ($85,000 – $113,750)

“Maximizes return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls, and reporting systems.” (Source: http://mymonster.ca/)

6. Executive Assistant ($42,750 – $54,000)

“Coordinates administrative procedures, public relations activities, and research and analysis functions for members of legislative assemblies, ministers, deputy ministers, corporate officials and executives, committees and boards of directors. They are employed by governments, corporations and associations.”

7. Lawyer ($96,500 – $183,250)

8. Senior Administrative Assistant ($38,000 – $48,250)

Manages administrative staff and establishes procedures related to preparing correspondence, reports, statements and other material, operating office equipment, answering telephones and other clerical duties.

(Source: http://www.workingincanada.gc.ca/)

9. Medical Data Entry Specialist ($28,500 – $35,000)

Performs a variety of secretatarial and administrative duties in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other medical settings. Can include responsibilities such as medical coding, report tracking, printing and preparing invoices, and posting payment.

10. Law Clerk ($44,500 – $54,750)

Assists lawyers and judges by researching and preparing legal documents, and maintaining records.

11. Public Accountant ($65,500 – $84,250)

Plans, organizes and administers accounting systems for individuals and establishments. (Source: http://www.workingincanada.gc.ca/)

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo From: Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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