When Money is Not Enough

When selecting a job to target, many job seekers fall into the trap of becoming too focused on salary.  Try not to do this.  When you put too much of an emphasis on salary, you run the risk of overlooking other rewards that may be equally, or even more important to you.  Here are some other factors to consider when choosing which jobs to target.

Extended health, dental and vision benefits:  These plans can be pricey when you need to purchase them on your own.  Research how much they would cost and you can calculate exactly how much a benefits plan is adding to your salary.

Learning Opportunities:  Training opportunities can help you broaden your knowledge base, and can also strengthen your profile.

Networking Opportunities:  Some positions give you ample opportunity to make contacts with other professionals in your field.  These connections can be valuable to you in the future.

Vacation/Personal Days:  Some organizations provide their employees with additional days off.  If you value a work/life balance, this benefit could be important to you.

Opportunities for Advancement:  Sometimes it is beneficial to consider accepting a lower level position at a company with the hope of advancing to a higher position at a later date.  This could be a good strategy if it is a company with a strong reputation and significant upward mobility.  Most companies prefer promoting from within over hiring an external candidate.

Flexibility:  Some companies are more flexible with their employees than others.  This flexibility could mean that you have a choice over the hours that you work, or that you are able to work from home.  Depending on your lifestyle, having a flexible employer may be important to you.

Corporate Culture:  What are the values of the organization?  Do they value creativity and innovation or do they value social responsibility?  Finding an organization whose corporate culture is synonomous with your own values will allow you to work in an environment that is more comfortable and fulfilling for you.

Location:  From the outset, you may feel that location is not important to you, but you will likely feel differently after a few days of commuting.  Take into account how long and how difficult the commute will be.  Many people have a daily commute of three to four hours, but consider how it will impact your quality of life before making that type of committment.

Other Perks:  Many organizations offer different types of perks that may be attractive to you.  These perks could include benefits such as: free or subsidized lunches, access to a gym, TTC passes, or discounts.

Fulfillment:  Some jobs will provide you with intrinsic rewards.  It may give you the opportunity to create something new, or you could have the satisfaction of knowing that your work is helping somebody.  Sometimes the feeling of serving a higher purpose outweighs all other rewards.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo From: dream designs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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