10 Jobs You Can Do From Home

Wouldn’t it be great to work from home?!  You could write reports in your pajamas, your commute to work would be a ten second walk down the stairs and you would have the flexibility to work hours that are convenient for you.  It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Increasingly, more employers are moving towards telecommuting as it saves them money, office space and it enables them to recruit top talent.  The key is to find a position that you can do from home.  Here are some jobs where working from home is possible:

Computer systems administrator:  A systems administrator maintains and operates computer systems.  In addition to providing technical support, systems administrators manage the security and performance of the computers and also ensure that the computers are meeting the requirements of the users.  While many of these tasks can be done remotely, the systems administrator may need to come into the office from time to time.

Copy writing:  All businesses need someone with strong writing skills.  Depending on the nature of the business, you could be writing reports, proposals, marketing copy, case notes, publications, letters, or anything else that the business requires.  Since writing can be done anywhere, it is a task that easily lends itself to telecommuting.

Tax preparer:  A tax preparer prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses.  Tax preparation is a seasonal position that can easily be done remotely.

Graphic designer:  Graphic designers help clients to design logos, as well as print advertisements including posters, websites, signs and product packaging.  While graphic designers do need to attend some meetings on site, most of this work can be done from home.

Market and survey researchers:  Market researchers call people and ask them to participate in surveys.  The researcher is provided with a list of numbers to call and questions to ask.  Companies use the information that they receive to make decisions about their business.  As long as you have access to a land line and a computer, this research can usually be done from home.

E-commerce:  As customers become comfortable with online shopping, more companies are moving towards e-commerce.  E-commerce creates opportunities in both administration and customer service.  Since the majority of work in e-commerce is done by phone or e-mail, jobs in this area can easily be done remotely.

Translation:  If you have strong language skills, translation may be an excellent option for you.  Translators are often hired on contract and in many cases you will be given documents to translate in the comfort of your own home.

Software developer:  Software developers research, design, implement and test software.  They work on the software as it’s being developed and help troubleshoot problems when it’s implemented.  Depending on which phase the developer is working on, much of this work can be done from home.

Employment Recruiter:  Do you have a lot of good contacts in your field?  If so, you may be able to leverage those connections as an employment recruiter.  Employment recruiters are hired by employers to identify potential candidates for vacant positions.  This job can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to email and a telephone.  The employer doesn’t care when or where you do the work, they are only interested in whether or not you are able to meet your targets.

Virtual Assistants:  By their very definition, virtual assistants are able to work from home.  Virtual assistants provide administrative support to clients remotely.  Communication between the VA and the client is done online or by phone.  Virtual assistants allow businesses to get their administrative work completed without having to incur the costs associated with hiring a full time employee.

While not every job can be done from home, there are now more telecommuting positions available than ever before.  Even if an employer has never allowed telecommuting in the past, it may still be an option.  If you have strong skills and are a good employee, you may find that employers are willing to make allowances in order to keep you.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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