How to Pass a Personality Assessment

During the application process, some employers will ask you to complete a personality assessment.  They may tell you that there are no right or wrong answers, but the truth is that the answers that you submit on this test could cause you to be removed from consideration.  Here are some tips to help you pass the personality assessment:

Think about the ideal candidate.  Who would be the ideal candidate for your target position?  What personality traits would they possess?  For example, if you are seeking a sales position, the employer is probably trying to find an extrovert.  Don’t answer the questions based on what you think they want to hear, but do keep the ideal candidate in mind.

Don’t lie.  Personality tests are designed to detect if you are lying.  They may ask the same question in several different ways to test your consistency or they could ask you a question like “Have you ever told a lie.” to see if you are being honest in the test.  Don’t try to guess the correct answer as you may guess wrong.  Instead, do your best to answer the questions honestly.

Try a practice test. There are lot of personality assessments available online.  Try out a few of them.  It will give you an idea of what the employers will be seeing and it’s smart to practice when there isn’t a job on the line.

Read the questions carefully.  It is important that you stay focused while you are doing the assessment.  Some of the wording can be tricky, so if you aren’t paying attention, you could answer the question differently than you intended.  You don’t want to eliminate yourself from consideration because you read the question wrong.

Personality assessments can be difficult.  You want the employer to get an accurate picture of your personality, but you don’t want to say something that will cause the employer to reject your application.  The key is to be as honest as possible, but also don’t forget that you are applying for a job.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Arvind Balaraman/



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