How the Holidays Can Help Your Job Search

The holidays are here!  While they`re a lot of fun, they can be a bit of a setback in your job search.  You may be concerned that the holidays will cause you to lose the momentum that you have worked so hard to build.  Don`t fret!  The holidays provide some unique opportunities to the savvy job seeker and if you take advantage of them, you may start off the New Year with a job offer.

Networking Opportunities.  Holiday parties, visits with friends and families, and special events.  What does all this holiday fun have in common?  The opportunity to connect with people.  Take the time to talk to them and tell them about your career goals.  They may be able to offer you advice or even tell you about a job opportunity.  You never know where you will find the most promising leads.

Time to Reflect.  The holidays are the perfect time to take a moment to reflect.  You are surrounded by friends and family and with so many businesses closed for the holidays, you can afford to ease up on your frantic pace. Take this time to think about where you are now and where you are headed.  Is it time to consider a career change?  Have you been getting results from your job search?  Should you be trying a new strategy?  When you take a step back to look at the bigger picture, you are able to see your situation more clearly.

Less Competition.  Most job seekers completely put their search on hold during the holidays.  However, some positions do become available.  If you continue to submit applications during this time, you will be facing much less competition, which makes it easier for you to stand out.

Fresh Start.  The New Year is the perfect time to try doing things differently.  It is the starting time for programs and projects and there are often new positions available.  It is also a great time to set goals for the year ahead.  Determine what you want to achieve this year how you will do it.

Enjoy your holidays.  You’ve worked hard throughout the year, so you deserve some time off.  However, you never want to let your job search get too far from your mind.  Seize all of the opportunities that the holidays have to offer and you’ll be able to hit the ground running in the New Year.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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