Benefits of Doing an Internship

Do you have an opportunity to do an internship?  It is definitely worth considering.  While you may be hesitating because of the time it’ll take away from your job search, it does offer some distinct advantages.  Here are some ways that an internship can benefit you:

It gives you career related experience.  When you’re trying to market yourself for a job, relevant experience is like gold.  The more related experience that you can put on your resume, the easier it is for you to stand out above your competition.  Also, the internship may allow you to develop different skills which can open up new opportunities for you.

It gives you an understanding of the day to day realities of the job.  Before you actually work in the industry, it can be difficult for you to determine whether or not you are suitable for the position.  With an internship, you get an inside look at the job so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not you want to pursue it.

It provides an opportunity to make networking contacts.  You know that networking is the best way to find a job and develop your career, but if you’re not working, it can be difficult to make those connections.  When you’re an intern, you are able to form relationships with professionals in your field and you never know where those connections may take you.

It helps you develop your professional management skills.  We aren’t all born knowing how to effectively communicate in a business setting; it takes work and practice.  An internship provides you with the opportunity to improve your soft skills, which will help you in any job.

An internship can be the edge that you need to get a job in your field.  However, not all internships are created equal.  Before you commit to the employer, ask questions about what you would be doing and who you would be meeting so that you can determine whether or not the internship is worth your time.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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