Get a Job Sooner!

You need a job and you need it as soon as possible.  You’ve seen some job seekers spend months applying before they even get an interview.  Many people work hard at looking for work instead of working smart.  Sometimes by making small adjustments to your job search activities, you can make a huge difference in your results.  Here are some tips that will help you get a quicker response from employers:

Make a plan.  Have a clear outline of where and how you will apply and when you’ll follow up.  When you have everything clearly laid out, you are more likely to accomplish your goals than you would be if you were just taking it day by day.

Be consistent.  You have to make a solid effort every single day to keep up momentum with your job search.  If you are sporadically sending out applications, it will take much longer for you to find a job.

Customize your resume.   Sending out a blanket resume is a complete waste of time.  Instead, make an effort to study the job advertisements and use keywords to target your resume for each individual position.  When you’re customizing your resume, it takes longer to apply, but you are much more likely to catch the eye of the hiring manager. 

Network.  By using your network effectively, you can find shortcuts in the job search process.  For example, an employee referral can move your resume to the top of the pile.  Also, someone in your network can alert you to an opportunity that would have taken you days to uncover.  If you want to find a job quickly, your network can be the key that gets you there.  

Sign up for job alerts.  Instead of wasting hours looking at job boards, sign up for job alerts so that you are notified whenever a job that meets your specifications is posted.  This also allows you to apply for positions immediately, which may give you a better chance at getting an interview.

When you’re looking for a job, sometimes it feels like you’ll never get that call.  Don’t lose hope.  If you stick with it and are strategic about where and how you apply, your phone will be ringing before you know it.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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