Are You In the Wrong Program?

You made the decision to go back to school, but after a few weeks in the program, you know that you’ve made a mistake.  What do you do now?  While it is important that you deal with this situation immediately, you don’t want to make any hasty decisions.  Follow these steps to find the best way to proceed:   

Address the situation.  Are you unhappy in your program?  Do you hate going to school?  If so, then you need to take action immediately.  Don’t just wait for things to get better.  There may be options available now that won’t be open to you after you graduate.

Get support.  What problems are you encountering with your program?  Is there something that your instructors or your school could be doing to assist you?  Could you benefit from attending workshops on note taking or other academic skills?  Is there someone that you can talk to about the way that you are feeling?  You may simply be struggling to adjust to college life and require additional support.  

Investigate your options.  Contact your academic advisor immediately to discuss your options.  Are you still able to drop courses?  Is it possible for you to switch to a different program?  Can you transfer some of your courses over?  Think carefully and do your research before committing to another program.  You don’t want to go through all of that trouble only to find yourself in the same position a few months down the road.

Consider getting a job.  Would it be possible for you to get a job with the skills that you currently possess?  It may be better to work for while before starting a new course.  A job will allow you to make money and get experience.  It will also give you some time to reflect on your career goals and plan the path that you will take to achieve them.

Since post secondary education is a significant investment of both time and money, it is upsetting when you realize that you’ve made the wrong choice.  However, if you take the necessary steps to fix the problem, before long you’ll be back on the right path.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Stuart Miles/


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