Are Your Thoughts Limiting Your Career Growth?

While you may find it surprising, the way that you think can significantly impact your career success.  It’s not that far fetched when you consider that your behaviour is directly determined by your thoughts.  If you get trapped into negative thought patterns, they can hold you back.  Here are some mind traps to avoid:

Focusing on the negative.  Do you filter out all of the positive aspects of a situation and only see the negative?  For example, if you were invited in for an interview would you be concentrating more on your strengths or your weaknesses?  Keep in mind that a pessimistic outlook can negatively impact your performance.

Viewing a setback as a failure.  Do you make general conclusions based on a single incident?  If one employer decides not to hire you for a particular position, would you then assume that you will never get a job?

Taking things too personally.  Do you tend to attribute people’s behaviour to their feelings towards you?  For example, if an interviewer was being standoffish, would you automatically assume that it was because they don’t like you?

Having an expectation of fairness.  Deep down do you believe that if you are a good person and you work hard you will get a job?  While this may be fair, it’s not the way the world works.  The strongest candidate is not always hired and just because you’ve been working like crazy, doesn’t mean that you will get a job on your own timeline.  However, you can increase the odds in your favour by growing your network and targeting jobs that are in demand.

While you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control the way that you respond to it.  If you feel like your mind is taking you down a negative path, give yourself a moment to reflect.  When you maintain awareness, you can ensure that your thoughts work for you instead of against you.
(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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