Behaviour That Will Get You Fired

Nobody is perfect, but as an employee there are certain lines that you should never cross.  If you have been guilty of any of the following behaviour in the past, you had better change your ways before you find yourself out of a job:

Falsifying Company Documents.  In some organizations, it becomes common practice to backdate records or alter reports in order to make them appear more favourable.  Even if everyone else is doing it, you shouldn’t.  If you get caught, your employer won’t hesitate to terminate your employment.

Insubordination.  There is a hierarchy at your workplace and you are expected to do what your supervisor asks of you (within reason).  An employee’s failure to obey a direct order made by their supervisor is considered to be a violation of the employment contract.  Even a single act of insubordination is grounds for dismissal.

Attendance Issues.  Few employers will put up with attendance issues for very long.  If you’re not showing up for work (or not showing up on time), they will let you go.

Poor Performance.  When it comes right down to it, your employer is most interested in your ability to do the job.  If you meet your targets, they will do their best to keep you on their team.  If you don’t, they will happily get rid of you.

Misuse of Computer or Email.  Never forget that when you’re using your company computer, your employer is always watching you.  Never view a website or send an email that you wouldn’t want your employer to see.  You can even get into trouble at home using your own computer by the content that you post publicly on social media.  Be careful when you’re online.

It is always best to leave a job on good terms.  The world can be painfully small sometimes and you never know when your bad behaviour might come back to haunt you.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


One thought on “Behaviour That Will Get You Fired

  1. Labor Law Posters September 3, 2014 / 11:39 pm

    When you're an employee and you have all of these qualities, for sure you will not go that far in your career. I also agree with what you said that nobody is perfect, yet we should do our best not to make mistakes all the time.

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