5 Employees Nobody Wants to Hire

Have you ever wondered what employers are trying to determine when they interview you?  In addition to assessing your fit for the position and the organization, they are trying to weed out problem employees.  What are problem employees?  Here are some examples:

The Whiner.  You know the type; they always have something to complain about.  If all of their problems were solved in the morning, they would have a fresh batch of grievances by noon.

The Know-it-all.  Have you ever met someone who knows everything about everything?  They believe that there is nothing that anybody can teach them and if you try to train them on your company’s policies, they will tell you another way to do it.

The No-Show.  These people would be amazing employees- if they bothered to show up.  For whatever reason, their seat always seems to remain empty.

The Gossip.  Office gossip is a waste of time and it causes conflict.  There is a certain type of person who always likes to stir the pot and nobody wants that person in their office.

The Lazy Loaf.  These employees don’t do anything unless they are specifically directed.  Left to their own devices, they will just sit at their desk and wait for the time to pass.

Have you ever met one of these problem employees?  Is it possible that you are one?  If so, then you had better change your ways or you might find that you’re the one being weeded out.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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