How to Tell if the Interviewer is Interested in You

After the interview is over, it is painful to sit around waiting for the phone to ring.  If only there were some way of telling whether or not the interviewer is interested in hiring you.  Here are some clues that you can use to assess the employer’s level of interest while you are sitting in the interview:

Watch their facial expressions.  Is the interviewer frowning?  That is likely a sign that something you said requires further clarification.  Is the interviewer smiling or nodding?  If so, then you are on the right track.

Notice their eye contact.  Eye contact is good; it means that the interviewer is paying attention to what you are saying and that they are probably trying to determine if you would be a good fit for the job.  However, interviewers sometimes use intense, unwavering eye contact as a way of intimidating candidates.  Show that you are confident by meeting their gaze, smiling and staying focused on the question.

Pay attention to their behaviour.  How is the interviewer acting throughout the interview?  Do they seem engaged?  Are they leaning into you or are they leaning back into their chair?  Are they asking you to clarify your answers or are they rushing from one topic to the next?  Are they focused on you or do they seem distracted?  Are they giving you a blank stare or are they really looking at you?  Are they being overly friendly or are they actively challenging you?  The way that the interviewer behaves towards you is a good indication of their level of interest.

Make note of how the interviewer concludes.  How does the employer wrap up the interview?  Do you get the sense that they intend to see you again or did they just tell you to have a nice life.  Usually they won’t directly tell you whether or not you’ve made it to the next round, but their behaviour can give you a good idea.

Reading the interviewer’s body language is not an exact science.  However, by paying attention to the interviewer’s cues, you can determine whether you should be waiting by the phone, or checking out other options.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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