How to Find Hidden Jobs

How are you looking for a job?  If your main strategy is applying to positions that you see on the online job sites, then you are constantly facing a lot of competition.  You may get better results if you instead try to focus on the hidden job market.  Here are some tactics that will help you uncover these available jobs:

Cold Calling:  When you contact an employer that has not solicited applications, you are able to apply for positions before they are even advertised.  Contact as many employers as you can and don’t get discouraged when they say no.  Remain pleasant and know that the next call could be the winner.

Networking:  Since most employers prefer to hire a candidate that they know, the best way to increase your chances of getting a job is to get to know more people that work in your industry.  Get out there and make connections.  Don’t be afraid to tell the people in your network about what type of job you are seeking.  Remember that networking is a two way street; take care of your network and your network will take care of you.

Information Interview:  An information interview is a meeting initiated by you with someone who works in your industry.  At the information interview, you can get the inside scoop about an industry or an organization.  Take the interview seriously but don’t ask your contact for a job.  Also, make sure that you show your appreciation.  They are giving you time out of their busy schedule and this information is valuable to your job search.

Volunteering:  Volunteer work can help you to get related experience, make connections, get a reference, and narrow a gap in your employment history.  While there’s no guarantee that your volunteer position will turn into a paying job, it certainly is possible.

If your job search isn’t going anywhere, then it may be time to get a little more aggressive.  Since applying to online job advertisements is easy, employers receive hundreds of resumes for every position.  If you want to bypass all that competition, then you need to stray off the beaten path.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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