How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

What sets the achiever apart from the employee who’s just keeping the seat warm?  The short answer is, accomplishments. Your accomplishments show  the employer what you are capable of and what they can expect if they decide to hire you.  By including quantifiable accomplishments on your resume, you will quickly stand out from the competition.  Here are some tips to help make your accomplishments have as much impact as possible:

Focus on the bottom line.    Employers are particularly interested in accomplishments that saved money or increased profits.  These are the accomplishments that will have the most impact in any organization.

Make your examples quantifiable.  Where possible, include percentages and dollar amounts.  These details make your examples more tangible and impressive.

Don’t lie or embellish.  Keep in mind that the employer may verify your claims with your reference.  If they find that your statement was not completely honest, your credibility will be irreparably damaged.

Consider the following questions when creating your achievement statements:

Did you create or reorganize a procedure that resulted in an increase to productivity?

Did you streamline a process that resulted in a decrease of costs?

Did you find a way to save money or solve a problem?

Did you oversee a special project that had a positive outcome?

When you provide the employer with examples of your accomplishments, it makes you a more attractive candidate for the position.  It gives the employer the opportunity to independently evaluate your skills and it makes it easier for them to picture you doing the job.  Take some time to put some achievement statements in your resume and before long you’ll start getting those interview calls.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: AKARAKINGDOMS/


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