How to Stay Healthy While Looking for a Job

Looking for a job is not always fun.  It’s stressful and can actually be bad for your health.  Since you’re so focused on getting a job, it is easy to neglect your body.  Don’t make that mistake.  Here are some tips to help you stay healthy while you’re looking for work.

Exercise.  While it may seem strange, exercise does give you more energy.  Since almost every expert agrees that it’s good for you, it makes sense to get out there and break a sweat.

Eat healthy.  When you’re at home all day, it can be easy to fall into the trap of snacking on junk food.  Try to resist that temptation.  Fill your cupboards with healthy snacks and only eat when you’re actually hungry.

Stay positive.  Your attitude has a significant impact on your physical and mental health.  Do what you can to keep positive.  When you surround yourself with people that uplift you and you celebrate every little success, it becomes easier to weather the daily stresses of the job hunt.

Maintain a daily schedule.  While unemployed, some people will sleep in until noon and then stay up for half the night.  Since you don’t have to go to work, you may feel that it doesn’t matter when you wake up.  That is not exactly true.  You should be available to take employer calls during business hours, but more importantly, your body needs a regular schedule.  Plan your day so that you have enough time to sleep,  look for a job, and relax.  If you do your best to keep to your schedule, you will be productive and your body will quickly get used to the routine.     

Have fun.  While this may not be the happiest time in your life, you shouldn’t be punishing yourself.  Instead, you should be rewarding yourself for all of your hard work.  Go out with your friends, keep up your hobbies, and do anything that makes you feel like yourself.  When you’re happy, it’s easier to maintain your motivation.

While you’re looking for a job, your health may not be your top priority, but it should be.  Keep in mind that if you’re sick, it will be infinitely more difficult to get hired.  Take care of your body and you’ll have the energy that you need to find your dream job.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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