How Your Friends Can Help You Find a Job

Often when we are facing a difficult period, it is the people closest to us that carry us through.  Looking for a job is no different.  There are lots of ways that your friends can support you when you’re job hunting.  Here are just a few:

Providing honest feedback.  Having someone around who will tell you the truth is very important when you’re looking for a job.  A friend who will proofread your resume, tell you if a position is not a good fit for your personality, or let you know that you pants are too tight can save you from making a costly error.

Keeping their eyes open.  As much as you try to get out there and find new opportunities, you can’t be everywhere.  For that reason, it helps to have people keeping their eyes open for you.  A friend who will let you know about possible opportunities is a friend who might lead you to a job.

Connecting you with their network.  Your friends are a part of your network and if they’re willing to speak on your behalf, they could be a huge asset in your job search.  Can they introduce you to someone that works in your industry? Are they able to refer you to an employer that’s hiring?  Any way that they can help will get you one step closer to that job offer.

Offering you support.  When you’re looking for a job, you never know what challenges each day will bring.  On one day you’ll need a pep talk, on another you’ll need a shoulder to cry on, and on another you’ll need someone to celebrate with.  Having a friend who is willing to ride the emotional roller coaster with you can make it a lot easier to endure.

Nobody can do it alone.  We all need the support of others and being unemployed can give you a clear picture of who your true friends are.  Remember this feeling when it’s your friend’s turn to be unemployed and make sure that you’re there to lend a hand.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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