What to Do When Your Manager is Angry With You

You have done something to annoy your manager.  Maybe you don`t know exactly what it is that you did, or perhaps you are well aware of how you crossed the line.  Whatever the reason, you need to deal with the fallout.  Here are some tips that will help you smooth it over:

Don’t lose perspective.  Believing that your manager is angry with you can be stressful, but try not to get carried away with it.  Is it possible that your manager is not angry with you at all, but that she’s stressed about something else?  Even if you did annoy her, it’s not the end of the world.  It is natural for managers to occasionally become frustrated with their employees and the feeling usually passes after a day or two.  

Address the problem.  Determine why your manager isn’t happy with you and take steps to fix the issue.  If you don’t know what the problem is, think back to when her behaviour changed.  Was there something that you said or did that may have annoyed her?  If you’re not sure, then ask your manager.  It is impossible for you to address the problem if you don`t know what`s wrong.

Keep a low profile.  If you have done something to annoy your manager, the last thing that she wants to see in her office is your smiling face.  Continue to do your work, but do your best to stay out of her hair.

Step up your performance.  In terms of your work performance, this is your time to shine.  Is there an area of your job where you have not been meeting your manager’s expectations?  Make a concerted effort to exceed them.  If you do it right, she`ll be so impressed by your achievements that she`ll forget that she was ever angry with you.

Most people agree that there is nothing worse than an angry boss, but try not to get too upset about it.  If you are generally a good employee and you are making an effort to fix your mistake, you`ll be back in your manager`s favour before you know it.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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