How to Find a Part Time Job

If you are going back to school in September then there is a good chance that you will also be looking for a part time job.  While it’s similar to looking for a full time job, there are some subtle differences.  Here are some tips that will help you find a part time job before school starts:

Find a Sector that Offers Part Time Work.  Most sectors provide some part time work but some industries have a lot more opportunities than others.  For example: retail, hospitality, the service sector, non-profit organizations and call centres usually have a multitude of part time jobs available.

Be Flexible.  Companies that are seeking part time employees are generally looking for people who are flexible with their hours.  Since most part time work takes place on evenings and weekends, if you are only available daytime during the week, it will be difficult for you to find a job.

Keep Your Eyes Open.  Since it’s expensive to formally advertise open positions, employers may be reluctant to incur that cost for part time roles.  Instead they may decide to advertise using unconventional methods.  They could put up signs, advertise in online classifieds or put it out on social media.  Always be ready to identify potential opportunities.

Consult Your Network.  Before advertising anywhere else, most employers will look to their network to find potential employees.  Talk to people and let them know that you’re looking for a part time job.  You never know what opportunities you might find.

With education and the cost of living being so expensive, most students also need to find a job to make ends meet.  While it initially may feel like an extra burden that you don’t need, think of it as an opportunity to learn some skills that you won’t pick up in the classroom.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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