Reach an Employer Through Social Media

Today’s job seeker has more opportunities to connect with employers than ever before.  Social media allows you to find out about hidden jobs and make direct contact before you even submit your application.  Here are some tips that will help you use this tool to its greatest advantage:

Follow Companies.  To keep up to date on a particular company, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn and like them on Facebook.  In addition to posting available jobs, they may post company news and updates that will help you identify future opportunities.

Reach Out.  Since social media is a tool that facilitates connections, it is not inappropriate for you to reach out to a manager at your target company.  You can ask about future opportunities or let them know that you’ve applied to a specific position.  The key is to be respectful and to recognize that the person may or may not be receptive to you.

Do a Search.  Identify the keywords for your target position and pair them with the words ‘jobs’ or ‘hiring’ when you conduct your search.  On Twitter, you can search hashtags to find job leads.  If you search in a few different ways, you will eventually hit on something that gets you results.

Update Regularly.  It is important that you keep your profile current, particularly about career information.  Also, when you post at least once a day, you  build a following that can help you in your networking efforts.  If your profiles are stale, nobody will have any interest in them.

Job Boards.  Some companies are so serious about their social media presence that they don’t post their open positions anywhere else.  Make it a habit to regularly check job boards to see if there are any positions that interest you.  An added advantage is that you can see if any of your contacts are currently working for the company.

Social media is not just a way to share pictures with your friends.  When used effectively, it is an important networking tool that can allow you to connect to potential employers.  If you are strategic and consistent with it, you just might tweet your way into a job!

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: JS Creationzs/


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